How I became a digital nomad out of necessity

This is my personal story of becoming a digital nomad. If you are interested how you can become one, I have a step by step guide waiting for you to read.

I’ve been working remotely and living a digital nomad lifestyle since December 2013.

In these short two years I probably saw more than most people do in a lifetime. I worked from all places imaginable: from the mountain Fuji to the top of the Great Wall, from ski slopes in New Zealand to night markets in Myanmar. And I wasn’t even running on a tight budget. I’m not twenty-something anymore, and I feel very miserable without a private bathroom.

 In my favourite city on Earth

In my favourite city on Earth

You might want to become a digital nomad because you are adventurous. Or you hate 9–5 jobs. You want to travel the world. I became a digital nomad (or more precisely a remote worker) out of necessity.

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